Compact Scholars Blog

Alumni Spotlight: Ellese Carmona

  Full Name: Ellese Marie Carmona Year of Graduation: 2012 Major: B.S. Microbiology A brief description about what you’ve done since graduation: 5 years into Ph. D. Program (Biological & Biomedical Sciences) at Harvard Medical School. Your words of... read more

Student Spotlight: Paulina Cortez

Name: Paulina Cortez School: Olympian High School Major: Cellular and Molecular Biology Expected Graduation Year: 2019 Hobby: Some of my favorite hobbies include playing the violin, attempting to cook interesting and appealing recipes I find on the Internet, and... read more

Alumni Spotlight: Lindsay Goulet

Full Name: Lindsay Goulet Year of Graduation: Bachelors 2012; Teaching Credential 2013 Degree awarded, including major/minor: Bachelors of Arts in Social Science; Teaching Credential in High School Physics What I’ve done since graduation: I am currently teaching... read more

Student Spotlight: Daseul Lee

Name: Daseul Lee High School: Otay Ranch High School Major: Marketing Expected Graduation Year: 2017 Favorite Quote: “Whatever it is you’re seeking won’t come in the form you’re expecting.” Hobby: Traveling, going to concerts and festivals What... read more