Compact Scholars Blog

Student Spotlight: Irvin Lomeli

Name: Irvin Lomeli High School: Otay Ranch High School Major: Accounting Expected Graduation Year: 2019 Favorite Quote: “ Learn how to accept losses without being defeated” – Phil Niekro Hobby: Soccer and Baseball What is your favorite part about SDSU? My... read more

Nom, Nom, Nom

I don’t know if it’s just me, but when I’m hungry, I can’t concentrate, much less study or pay attention in class. Especially when I have a lot of classes in one day, hunger is a major distraction. Whether I’m in Communication 103 at 8 A.M. or in Journalism &... read more

My First Fall at SDSU

Fall is finally here and so are midterms, and clowns — lot’s of them too. People dressed up as horrifying clowns are roaming the streets of the United States in search of, well — I’m not even sure.  What do clowns look for? They appear out of... read more

Student Spotlight: Lorena Romero

Name: Lorena Stephanie Romero Enciso High School: Eastlake High Major: International Business with emphasis in Japan and Asia Expected Graduation Date: May 2019 Favorite Quote: “Never give up” Hobby: Reading and drawing What is your favorite part about SDSU? My... read more

Student Spotlight: Dale Bongolan

Name: Dale Bongolan High School: Eastlake High Major: Kinesiology (Pre-Physical Therapy) Expected Graduation Year: 2017 Hobby: Work out, skate, outdoor activities What is your favorite part about SDSU? My favorite part would be the people that make this place great.... read more

Welcome Class of 2020!

As we approach the start of the fall semester, San Diego State University is busy hosting campus tours, new student orientations, and other events. New Student Orientations begins in mid-July and students are able to choose their classes for the fall semester and... read more