How can students go about speaking to an instructor that has made the course harder since going virtual rather than be a little more comprehending given the circumstances?

Some faculty have responded differently to the transition to moving fully online, as such, some may believe that more work compensates for the lack of face-to-face instruction. While it may be daunting, arranging a time to speak with your instructor via Zoom or phone during their office hours may be an opportunity for you to address your concerns. You would want to approach this tactfully so as not to criticize your instructor, but instead offer feedback about your experience and what you understand the experience of other students in the class to be as well. If the instructor is not willing / is unable to adjust their online teaching methods or if they are not receptive to feedback, it is highly encouraged for you and your classmates to share your feedback about their online teaching methods via the evaluation forms that should be available to you via WebPortal at the end of the semester; these evaluation forms will be key in providing feedback that the instructor will hopefully address so future classes do not share the same experiences as you during this time of transition.