By Rafael Robledo

Being a Sophomore at SDSU has taught me some valuable skills and techniques to succeed. For the most part they are mainly things that impact me and help me improve as a whole.

The first tip I would like to give out is to have a sleep schedule. I know it might seem silly and you might be like “But I feel more energized at night.” Trust me I know especially since I did it and that was my main excuse but hear me out. Having a sleep schedule helps you out in so many aspects of your daily life that it makes you feel more productive and makes your day feel longer. In my first year, I overlooked this part of my life and instead neglected it. I really didn’t pay attention to my sleep and slept approximately 5hrs a day during the weekdays. As a student, that is bad since we have busy schedules and a lot of work to do, we need to always be at our 100%. Not having a lot of sleep made me feel drowsy, lazy and unmotivated. This is why I tried having a sleep schedule for my second year and I must admit, it has actually helped me out. 

My second tip is to know your workload limit. The reason behind this is because you might feel like you need to stack up on units and maybe even work and you overwork yourself. This leads to burning out much faster and you will end up getting behind on classes and work if you don’t have good time management skills. Trust me I know. At first, I decided to take a lot of units, join the esports team and have a job. Trust me it’s a lot and I felt super burnt out very quickly. I toned it down to a more manageable pace and it has helped me out with pacing myself and it has also helped me improve my time management skills.

Lastly, take breaks. College can be a high stress level environment so take necessary breaks. I have enjoyed watching some guided meditation videos on Youtube and they have helped me with relaxing and reducing my stress. Just know when and how to take breaks, that comes with knowing about yourself and developing the skills that work more for you.