Submitted by Maria R.

I think it is useful to reflect and imagine a new way of looking at old things because you never know you may realize something new about the situation and develop insight. 

I strongly believe that time management is an essential quality that is required to become successful in college. Currently, in my beginning journey of adapting this skill in college, I decided to acquire a planner. Throughout high school, I never utilized a planner. Instead, I simply wrote all of the assignments and important due dates in my notes on my phone. I quickly realized that option was not going to work for me in college because the workload was too intense, and decided to acquire a planner. The planner I have today is a tool I utilize daily. It helps me manage my time efficiently, which greatly assisted my organization during a busy first semester. Another quality I believe is required for success in college is getting involved. I believe that getting involved in extracurricular activities and programs will lead to ground-breaking opportunities and open new doors for the future. Currently, in my journey I have joined a SDSU organization called MEDLIFE, and I also plan on joining a volunteering program at SHARP Grossmont Hospital, and hopefully conduct undergraduate research in bacteria. The third quality I believe is required in order to be successful in college, is managing your health and wellness. College can be extremely stressful and arduous, ascribable to the rigorous work. You need to manage your physical and mental health, you should be your first priority. Currently, in my college journey I have attended a GYN Orientation at the Calpulli Center for health and wellness. 

The most essential one piece of advice I have for incoming freshmen commuter students that are entering SDSU, would be to always try to stay on campus after classes. You should at least attempt to stay on campus, instead of going home after classes. That way, you are more exposed to the college lifestyle, and you are exposed to a varying range of opportunities and entertainment. The way I learned this was not only as advice from upperclassmen, I wanted to become more involved in activities despite being a commuter. I would stay till 6pm on campus every other Thursday for MEDLIFE, and I would always attend weeklong Supplemental Instruction sessions for my CHEM 100 class. If the freshmen accept this advice, I know that it will definitely be worth your while, especially if you plan on becoming successful in college. It makes your transition to life as an Aztec less stressful and more rewarding.

Getting involved in different activities and programs is able to definitely open up new doors, and allow you to experience something new. In order to receive a stable occupation, you will need experience from getting involved in various ways, so I urge you to start now.