By Rafael Robledo

As some of you might have seen, on Thursday May 7th, there was an email sent to those that received some relief fund through AidLink. This was due to the CARES Act which stands for Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act. As the name implies, this is a relief fund for students who might need the financial support and backing during this time of need. The CARES Act is mainly carried out to institutions, in this case SDSU, to give grants to students as such, the best course of action to seek further information with the Act and our school would be the Financial Aid Office. Also information for applying for the would be found there. I highly suggest speaking to a financial aid officer to obtain the most information. If you would like some general information about this Act, I would recommend checking out the U.S Department of Education online page.

I hope you have done great in your finals. If you still have some for this week, I hope you destroy them with your knowledge. Anyways, stay safe, positive and most importantly, have a wonderful and relaxing summer break.