Prospective Students Learn About the Compact Scholars Program at Explore SDSU

by | May 4, 2016 | Events | 1 comment

Every year in March, prospective San Diego State University (SDSU) students receive their college acceptance letters. Each spring, SDSU hosts Explore SDSU, an annual event that provides prospective students and their families  to visit the SDSU campus and discover all the program, services and spirit that make being an Aztec a life-changing experience! Future Aztecs and their families are able to take campus tours led by SDSU Ambassadors, attend workshops, learn about the different academic opportunities, and explore student organizations!

This Explore SDSU day was held on Saturday, March 19th, and it afforded Sweetwater students affiliated with the Compact for Success a unique breakfast reception where more than 400 prospective students and families were present. The celebration was co-sponsored by the Compact Scholars Program (CSP), Compact for Success (CFS) and Sweetwater Unified High School District (SUHSD). In addition to the CSP, CFS and SUHSD staff present to recognize the hard work and dedication of Compact students, and to inform students and their families about the resources at SDSU available to support them once they transition to college, Vice President of Student Affairs, Eric Rivera, also spoke about why SDSU should be students’ first choice for college.

Director Janet Abbott talks about the goals of the Compact Scholars Program, “The first is guaranteed admission if requirements are met. Once admitted Division of Undergraduate Studies supports students in their academic goals primarily through involvement in High Impact Practices (HIPs). The Compact Scholars Program encourages students to be involved in service learning, leadership opportunities, study abroad experiences, student research, and internships. Our goal is to graduate students in a timely manner, and help students to become successful Aztecs through their experiences here at SDSU.”

All prospective Compact Scholars received a double-sided keychain with program logos marking their transition from the Compact for Success Program to the Compact Scholars Program. Students also participated in a group reading of the Compact Scholar Affirmation, a pledge for Compact students who remain committed to achieving academic excellence and graduating from college:

I am a Compact Scholar!

I believe in family, community and my dreams.

I believe in hard work and perseverance.

I will continue to grow and challenge myself.

I am a Compact Scholar!

I will stay strong and resilient for the next part of my journey as a San Diego State University Aztec.

I am prepared for new experiences and challenges.

I embrace my personal, academic and professional support networks.

I am a Compact Scholar!

I will strive for academic excellence.

I will graduate from college and have a rewarding career.

I will be an engaged citizen and have a positive impact on my campus, my community and the world.

I am a Compact Scholar!

After the ceremony, Compact students were invited to attend a student panel workshop hosted by the Compact Scholars Program. Several current Compact Scholars, representing a variety of majors and backgrounds, presented about different aspects of  Aztec life. They spoke about commuter life and residential life, and about different ways to get involved and make a difference on campus. Many spoke about how the Compact Scholars Program has helped them achieve their academic goals! Compact Scholar panelist, Jasmine Saluta, spoke to us about her experience being a panelist during this event. “I was a bit nervous to speak as a panelist but I was really glad that I was able to go out of my comfort zone and present. I enjoyed talking about my experiences studying abroad with SDSU and it was so great to have such positive feedback both from the students and their parents,” says Saluta. It is incredible to see current Compact Scholars give back to the community and provide important information to prospective students and parents about their experience with the program and on campus.

What an honor to celebrate this rite of passage with so many amazing students, parents and the people who work tirelessly to support success at CSP, CFS and SUHSD. We look forward to seeing you in July for summer orientation and throughout your college career! Go Aztecs!