The Computing Hub on the second floor of Love Library offers computers, printers, work desks, and other resources for SDSU students.

Submission by Heather V.

One tip for incoming commuter freshmen is to familiarize yourself with the campus and its resources. You might get lucky and have a teacher whom you’ll hear this from all the time when you start college, but you might not. There’s a reason good teachers emphasize resources and help on campus: in college, we all need help to excel.
College is not like high school where getting help seems like you aren’t smart or capable. Making SDSU a part of your house and family will make your college years here much more fun, not to mention easier academically. A lot of the resources provided will help you succeed; you might find yourself seeking guidance help (tutoring, advising or career counselors) or might even just stay longer on campus to study in the library. The more you utilize campus tools, the more likely you’ll be able to achieve.