Goulet at the RISE program kick-off with Dr. Johnson (College of Ed Dean), Dr. Janney (Superintendent of SUHSD), and Dr. Lisa McCully (Director of Student Services for the College of Ed).

Full Name: Lindsay Goulet

Year of Graduation: Bachelors 2012; Teaching Credential 2013

Degree awarded, including major/minor: Bachelors of Arts in Social Science; Teaching Credential in High School Physics

What I’ve done since graduation: I am currently teaching physics at Chula Vista High School! This is my fourth year teaching and I am loving it. I am currently enrolled in a Science Education Master’s Program through SDSU’s College of Education.

Advice for future graduates: Find a way to give back to the community you came from whether through the school, service organizations, or through the Compact program. National City, Chula Vista, Imperial Beach, Bonita, San Ysidro, and South San Diego are better because of you!