Alumni Spotlight Joshua Beverly

Full Name: Joshua Beverly

Year of Graduation: Eastlake High School 2009, San Diego State University 2014

Degree awarded, including major/minor: B.S. Biology (emphasis: Molecular & Cellular), minor in Psychology

A brief description about what you’ve done since graduation:

  • I am currently completing my third year at Loyola University Chicago: Stritch School of Medicine (Class of 2018).
  • Health Career Exposure Program (2016): Founded program in the inner city of Chicago dedicated to exposing 3rd – 5th grade children to STEM activities and health careers.
  • International Service Immersion (2015): Participated in International medical mission to provide medical services to underserved communities on the Island of Hispaniola (Dominican Republic and Haiti).
  • Publication in Journal of Vascular Surgery (2016): Authored article about research on experimental drug (P-188) potentiation of blood thinners (Heparin and tPA) in animal models.

Your words of advice or encouragement for graduates: Self-reflection/introspection is important in understanding what brings joy to you as an individual. Becoming aware of your own morals and values will allow you to come up with your own definition of success!