Compact Scholar’s Student Spotlight, Valeria Santillan

Name: Valeria Santillan

High School: Chula Vista High School

Major: Criminal Justice

Expected Graduation Year: 2019

Favorite Quote: “Door that opens, door you step into”

Hobby: Hiking

What is your favorite part about SDSU?

My favorite part about SDSU is the Aztec spirit; there is always someone with a smile on campus.

How has the Compact Scholars Program helped you throughout your college career?

The Compact Scholars Program has helped my college career from the star. I’ve felt very welcomed here and I have also been able to get involved with the community through the program’s campus resources..

Tell us about an experience you have had outside of class. (Job, internship, project, etc.)

Outside of class, I work at the Chemical Sciences Laboratory at SDSU, which has provided me with many tactics and skills revolving around chemistry.

What is your favorite class on campus and why?

My favorite class is Comm 103 because you’re able to learn how to speak and express yourself freely in front of a crowd; I feel the course really makes you grow as a person.

Are you involved in any organizations or clubs on campus?

I am currently an EOP student and a part of the Professional Studies and Fine Arts College. Aside from this, I am a commuter student and involved with on-campus commuter groups.

What do you plan on doing after graduation?

I look forward to advancing to graduate school after completing undergraduate studies.

What advice would you give to incoming freshmen?

I would advise incoming freshman to  manage time to get involved with the campus because building connections is essential to being a well-rounded student. I would also recommend them to seek a counselor/advisor to check their academic standing and ask for guidance regarding any future endeavors.