Submission by Adrian C.

Being organized will encourage you to be more prepared, more productive, and less stressed!

The most essential piece of advice that I can give to incoming freshmen is to be organized.

I know it sounds generic and you’ve never really needed to be organized in the past, but in college you actually do. I recommend getting a planner of some kind and writing homework assignments with due dates so you don’t forget anything.

It piles up… trust me! I ended up turning in low quality work at times in RWS 200 and would forget to do small assignments which almost led to me failing (I passed with a 2% margin). I ended up doing much of my work at the last minute too, which almost led me to failing as well.

If I’d failed, I would have likely lost financial aid and would have had to drop out because I wouldn’t be able to afford going here without it. It would have been really shameful for me to have to do that and I would definitely be disappointed in myself.

I know you take pride in your own success, so I recommend you get organized right away and take it seriously from day one. Organization makes a big difference.