Submission by Brianna R

Be aware of the commitment of taking a lot of units, especially with early classes.

Understand your limits and don’t overfill your plate. For example, try not to take 8 A.M. classes if you commute! Stay away from them if you can. You may think that you are used to commuting because of high school, but the homework to sleep time ratio is totally different when you’re taking a lot of classes (and units).

I took an 8 A.M. Spanish class every day of the week for an hour and was horrified having to deal with traffic, parking, and being prepared for the next day, all while trying to keep up with 17 units.

Know your limits and work around them. When upperclassmen and graduates give you advice, take it, because once you’re here, you’re on your own and need to figure out most of it as you go.