By staying ahead of your assignments, you’ll have more time for proofreading/editing and less time for stress!

Submission by Celina M.

Manage your time wisely because I focused on this and it saved me. I learned to include one calming activity for weeks preparing for exams. Manage your time, which for me meant going through all of my course syllabi and entering important dates into my calendar/planner.

Do not get caught by surprise by an assignment. The second week of my first semester on campus I was already freaking out. I never had to pull an nighter because I managed my time wisely. I valued quality work so I wanted to continue to produce quality work but the pace of the classes was a wake up call. I began to get work done ahead of time so I could proofread or get help from the writing center or chemistry help room.

Managing time kept me sane because I made time for work, family, and friends. If you accept this advice your transition will be smoother. The transition is a challenge for all types of students so expect that and don’t feel bad when you struggle a little — we’ve all been there! I learn that college, like every other challenge, is manageable.