Compact Scholar student Kyle Sablan recently studied abroad to Japan under the Gilman Scholarship and is eager to share his travel experience and tips with prospective study abroad students. Read his personally run blogĀ Study Abroad at Yokohama National University; this week, we’ll be focusing on his blog post regarding study abroad packing, including what you’ll need to bring, what you might want to bring, and a few necessities you wouldn’t expect to have to bulk up on.

The first step to any travelling expedition is effective preparation. By ensuring that you are properly packed, you are setting yourself up for smooth sailing once abroad. Be sure to make a list and check it two, three, four times before hitting up the airport!

Here’s a brief summary on what Kyle encourages students to consider when packing:

  • Documents needed: Travel forms and documents are vital to getting through the airport, including a VISA, an updated passport, and insurance.
  • Proper clothing: It’s important to be aware of what the weather will be like where you’re travelling in order to dress accordingly.
  • Basic necessities: A few things Kyle goes over includes hygiene, currency, electronics, etc.

You can view Kyle’s full detailed blog post on packing while studying abroad here!