By Gabriela Rios

Warning signs posted around SDSU’s campus

Running late to class and need to ride an electric scooter across campus? Well, starting this 2019 fall semester SDSU students will no longer be able to ride any form of electric mobility transportation through the campus. This includes any electric skateboards, bicycles, roller skates and hover boards.

This new policy was put into place as an effort to prevent any future accidents on campus and create a safer campus for students. Director of the Parking and Transportation services Debbie Richeson had this to say about the new policy, “we recognize that micro-mobility is a favored and accessible form of alternate transportation and we want to support this mode of transportation to and from campus [not on].” So, although you will no longer be able to use these devices on campus, you are allowed to use them as a mode of transportation to campus.

This policy was proposed in response to the country wide concern of pedestrian safety concerning these modes of transportation. Just this year in May, the San Diego city council had unanimously approved new rider regulations for electric scooters downtown. These scooters as of now are no longer allowed to be parked near Petco, in front of hospitals as well as be operated on sidewalks.

Just like the new San Diego city regulation, geofencing will also be used on campus to regulate and enforce the new policy. Riders who enter the no ride zone on campus will experience their devices slow down significantly and not be able to shut off their rides in the app. If riders are caught, they will also be fined 75 dollars and applies to all other forms of private electric transportation throughout the campus.

The exceptions to this policy are manual powered devices such as bike or electric bikes that have been powered off. In addition, all forms of non-motorized transportation will still be allowed to use the bike lanes and campus roadways. So, you might want to look into trading that hover board for a bicycle now.