By Hannah J.

I have 7 feelings about college. One: I am EXCITED to create the crazy and fun college memories that everybody has. Two: I am STRESSED about how time consuming it all is, considering I also have a full time job. I don’t really have time to do all the homework and projects I am assigned. Three: I am HAPPY to grow up and be a responsible college adult. Four: I am WORRIED to do bad or discover that I can’t handle the entirety of college. Five, I am ECSTATIC because I am planning to get engaged to the only person for me. Six: I am READY for this next step in my life. And lastly, seven: I am PROUD to begin university. I am proud to say that I’ve made it this far!

I am passionate about art and creativity. I am passionate about life and beauty of the nature here on earth, as I try to capture it in my paintings. 

Studying abroad is a great way to experience new things, make new memories, and reflect on our own culture.

My best advice to incoming freshman commuters is get to school early because parking is a nightmare.  I’ve gotten to school a solid 45 minutes early, and still walked into class late because of the timing of my classes and parking structure fullness.  Nothing hurts more than getting that look of disappointment and disdain from a class full of people and your professor as a door creaks shut behind you.  Also, try your best not to park horribly. People are reckless in parking lots trying to get to class or get off campus as fast as possible. I would recommend the parking lot 12 or 7; 1, 2, 3 are crazy around 3:30.  On the topic of timing, structures tend to fill up if your classes are past 11 or 12, so aim to get to campus a bit earlier.