Submitted by Maya R

I believe collaboration in the professional world is very important. I think that it helps improve yourself because you learn how to deal with others. There will always be someone that you don’t want to work with and learning how to communicate with all kinds of people will only better your patience and your own well being. 

I 100% believe that helping others is an essential part of the human experience.

One piece of advice for incoming freshman who are commuter students is that everything will get better. It is a little harder for commuter students to be connected in school because, initially, it isn’t our first home. For students who live on campus, SDSU is their home, so they are more familiar with the people in their community. So my advice would be to just go with the flow because once you get more involved and adapted to the community, it will get better. And don’t be afraid to stay at school even when your classes are over. This will help create friendships or at least acquaintances. I learned this because I used to go home right when my classes were over, but then I began to hang out in the library more and gained more friends. So, being at school will help familiarity with other students at SDSU.