Submitted by Alliah E.

Collaboration is an essential concept in the workplace. No matter what you’re doing in life, something requires you to collaborate with others. That is why it is so important to be able to do it. 

Once you understand and accept that others will not always see eye to eye with you, and once you achieve that, you will work better with others around you. 

I once emailed a professor in all capital letters and he responded very angrily insisting I was demanding and unprofessional. I was simply stressed and did not mean to be rude at all. I talked with another professor and she explained that it’s no doubt that I will come across another problem like this. I now will never email a professor without being as completely professional as I can. I now take this situation as a lesson and I do not see it as a negative event in my life. I appreciate my other professor for putting it into perspective. 

My favorite place on campus is the pond. It looks so pretty and I love the plants that surround it. I love turtles and there are so many of them. It is very peaceful here. In my opinion, it is a place you must visit on campus. It can be very quiet and you can hear the occasional turtle swimming or plopping into the water. I also love the cute little bridge. Being here almost feels like I am not on campus. This can be a way to escape all the chaos. Not too many people come here so you could study with minimal distractions (despite the occasional skateboarder passing by).