Written by Francisco M.

I love the idea of broadening my horizons and learning about different cultures. I’d love to gain a perspective on how different cultures respond to different social aspects. 

Have I ever been in heaps of trouble? At this point in someone’s life, who hasn’t? My teacher told me that our obstacles and challenges are what makes us grow, gives us our grit. I’m trying to think of one instance that proved to be heaps of trouble. My anxiety. It’s not one specific event, but more like a lifetime of dealing with it. My anxiety has given me panic attacks and has proved to be something I struggle with. Through dealing with my anxiety, though, I’ve learned of coping skills to ease my troubles. 

I think looking at old things through a new lens is important in bringing life back to them. Also just reflecting on past experiences to see how you’ve grown is useful in bringing perspective. 

One of the most important pieces of advice I have for any incoming freshman is to get involved. I know that everyone says that, but they do it for a reason. There are so many clubs and activities you can participate in, and it’s fairly easy to join them. I know, personally, the thing that held me back from a lot of those activities was fear; I was afraid of going to a meeting and feeling like an outcast, so I just didn’t try for the most part. The thing is, a lot of people join clubs to make friends and socialize, so you’re definitely not alone. And, you don’t have to be afraid to hide who you are, don’t be afraid to be a little weird and show them your meme collection (just don’t act downright crazy). To use an example, let’s use me. I was too scared to join a lot of clubs because I was nervous, but when I found out about marching band, I pushed myself to join, and I’m glad I joined. I’ve made a lot of new friends through band, friends I wouldn’t have made if I didn’t join. If I didn’t join marching band, I’d be one of those students that goes straight from class to class, and then go home when I’m done with class. I probably would’ve resented myself for not putting myself out there. Thank goodness we don’t live in that universe. So, yea, get involved, you’ll thank yourself for doing so.