By Paulina Cortez

Aztecs can you believe it, we are officially at the midpoint of the semester?! Time is going by so fast; it feels as if I just started my classes. Time only gets faster rom there, sooner or later it will be thanksgiving break, then a hardcore week of finals and finally winter break! As much as I love learning, I cannot wait to get a well-deserved break after my many hours of studying. for many Aztecs, the halfway point of the semester means midterm seasons, which might not be as exciting as thanksgiving break. Although we may have a lot going on in our plate, especially for these couple of weeks, it’s important to remember to take care of yourself.

Keep in mind of these tips as they can help you survive midterm week. First tip: Drink lots of water, it’s important that your mind stays hydrated & eat healthy snacks as the nutrients will keep you moving. The Aztec Market is a great place to replenish your sources as they got water (and coffee if you’re feeling sleepy) & delicious snacks such as trail mix, protein bars and fruits. Second tip: even though it may seem that all your professors planned to have all of their due dates the same week, keep track of deadlines so you do not fall onto the procrastination trap. Doing assignments in a timely matter will make midterm season less stressful for you. Third tip: take advantage of your resources! If you need to revise and edit your essay, the writing center is the place for you, if you are stuck on some math concepts, the math learning center is your sanctuary, if you need more practice on chemistry, math, psychology or statistics, check out Supplemental Instruction (SI)! Even just visiting your professor office hours will benefit you’re in your studies!

And final tip, after your midterms, I highly recommend to treat yourself! You have worked so hard these past couple of weeks, you deserve a break! But don’t forget, we still have the other half of the semester to go through. Stay strong Aztecs, you got this!