Submitted by Lori L.

Transitioning to college, I learned that I can convert my struggles into creation. Instead of letting my struggles drag me down, I can instead use them to my advantage and as inspiration. I apply it into my art, music and writing. It’s healthy. I recommend everyone to channel their struggles into a healthy platform and just express themselves because there’s nothing more fulfilling than to create or construct an art piece that holds a unique story that can’t be found anywhere else. 

Losing fragments of my mind to accommodate

the strenuous demand of time,

the night is welcoming

but my eyes betray me.

Five classes, five assignments

4 finals, 3 essays, 2 projects–

Can I make it?

Of course, clearly I don’t need sleep to function.

I can make it.

I’ll sleep when the semester ends.

But now I’m sick. Oh well, I’ll sneeze

During the test.

The most essential piece of advice that I would give to incoming freshman is that they have to sacrifice having “fun” (as in going out and partying) because focusing on completing assignments first, will allow for free time later. For instance, I did most of my homework during the weekend instead of relaxing or doing nothing. This made my weeks run smoother and I had time to socialize after. This also works the other way around; instead of going home directly after class, I went to the library and stayed late doing as much homework as I could. This permitted me to have free time during the weekend too. Failing to make school a priority or leaving things till the last minute will only result in extreme stress, and since I experienced this, I know that this can easily be avoided. Blowing homework off will only result in all nighters which makes the next day completely unpleasant and unmotivating. So even though staying up all night is an option in order to keep up with the workload, it isn’t the most wise choice. Regardless, having a ridiculous amount of work is inevitable, but that is why planning ahead and completing the assignments as soon as possible is completely worth it in the end.