Submitted by Alejandria T.

Coming into college I am learning how to better communicate and build a future around my passion for kindness. I get very upset when I hear about people hurting other people. People discriminating other people. People inferiorizing other people. This extends to (but it not limited to): men thinking they’re better than women, women thinking they’re better than men, caucasian people thinking they’re better than people of color, people of color thinking they’re better than caucasians, one religion trying to establish superiority over another, and the list goes on and on. If life is game, shouldn’t we be on the same team? I think if I could change one thing in the world, it would be to lead the world with kindness; instead of disrespecting each others view, the world would function so much more effectively if we were able to respectfully engage in civil discourse. Instead of taking personal offenses, recognizing  that a person’s worth comes from their character, and not superficial things like physical appearance. Just because a person’s views do not align with yours, doesn’t make their thoughts and feelings any less valid. Disagreeing with you does not make them bad people. LEAD WITH LOVE AND KINDNESS, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN.

The location for where I go to study abroad doesn’t matter too much to me. All I really want is good food, legendary memories and a broader perspective on the world. 

Somethings that are ridiculously important to consider when forming a career path are: What are you good at? What do you enjoy? What will the pay be? If you only stick to one path, never looking to explore outside of your comfort zone, you may end up less educated about the world due to your closed mindedness. There is so much knowledge to obtain and being in the university setting as young adults, we should be taking this time of our lives to truly consider what it is that we can accomplish as individuals, and what is something that I may not necessarily choose on a normal day but could give a shot! Life is just too short to live a straight line with no other paths tested or experimented with.