Submitted by Aldahi E.

Seven feelings I have about college are excited, nervous, sad, happy, relaxed, easy and blessed. I feel excited for college because it’s something new. I get to meet new people and discover new things. I’m nervous because I have to get used to it and because my time management sucks. I feel sad because it’s four more years of school and it gets harder. I feel happy because I’m a first generation college student, so it’s a great feeling. I feel relaxed because professors aren’t as hard on you as teachers were in high school. I feel easy because I can make my own schedule. I feel blessed because it’s my own schedule, my own time and I choose my own classes. 

The most essential piece of advice I’d give to incoming commuter student is be sure to develop your time management. Like I said before this skill is well needed to be successful in college. For me, in the beginning of the semester, I sucked with this skill and was getting overwhelmed with school, work and other things. I saw that I was getting stressed, so before it got worse, I learned how to manage my responsibilities and my life got easier, smoother and way better. By accepting this advice, you can be successful in college and graduate college and make yourself proud and others proud. If you don’t accept that what may have worked in the past, won’t be enough in college, trust me, you will start failing and will be stressed out and will not be enjoying life with everything you have to do. Don’t be afraid to add on to your skill set when current strategies don’t suffice!