By Paulina Cortez

On Tuesday, November 12th while students were studying hard for their classes at the Love Library, everything goes dark. As students are confused, they come to realize that the power was out at the library. Little did they know, the lights were out in most of the buildings all around campus. With the power out, students were wondering if classes would continue throughout the day. Hours later, students received an email indicating that classes are cancelled for the rest of the day.

“Class is canceled” is the most favorite thing college students like to hear, right after “free food” and “the class is curved”, so you would expect that students would immediately leave campus to enjoy their free day. With a huge rush from all the students on campus in the parking lot, it caused a lot of traffic. It did not help that the power of the traffic lights were out as well, which caused many students to be stuck in traffic around the college area. With all the commotion that went on today, it made me wonder, what caused the power outage?

After doing some research, turns out that a bird flew into an SDG&E their substation! This incident knocked out the power of about 24,000 SDG&E customers located in the Mid-City area. It’s crazy that this little bird made such an impact in San Diego, to the point that officials are still working on restoring power on campus. This power outage also affected the water supply for some buildings; therefore, porta potties were brought onto campus as well.

Stay tuned Aztec, keep an eye out on your emails and check out for current updates of SDSU’s power outage.