Submitted by Aldahi E.

I’m passionate about self-love and self-health. I think loving yourself is key to success in pretty much anything. If you’re happy with yourself and who you are you can focus your energy in other things and while doing those things you can be happy, leading to more success. I think taking care of yourself and your body is very important since only you get one body. Taking care of yourself and exercising is another way to de-stress as well.

A course has the ability to help you in many different areas. Usually it’s just thought to just help with knowledge. Though that’s true, they help you with a lot of other things outside of that, even if it doesn’t feel like it. In some cases it allows you to learn abilities for life such as work ethic, or perhaps you are able to learn and understand concepts of responsibility and discipline. Even leadership classes allow you to make connections with people and resources. 

This semester I had a challenging time with procrastination. I found it difficult to manage various due dates set months in advance without constant reminders. I often had several papers or projects due within the same week. Throughout the semester I struggled with figuring out when I’d work on what. On top of this, I had to deal with assignments that were due within that SAME WEEK. I’m still kinda going through this problem, but it has definitely gotten better. Something I’ve done to help me is start on assignments earlier. By doing this I was able to accomplish more and complete assignments earlier. I no longer had that stress! Something else that I did to combat this problem was to start using a planner. This allowed me to see all my assignments lined up right next to each other. This helped me figure out what was a priority and what to start later on. It has helped me so much and I feel less overwhelmed with my assignments and more prepared!