Submitted by Toni M.

I really believe that if you do what you’re passionate about, the money will follow; which is something I live by and has been true thus far. 

I think the best advice I could give to incoming freshmen would be: don’t afraid to fail, don’t be afraid to try something new, and study what you’re passionate about, not what your parents tell you to study. I was afraid to not do well in college, so when I got a few bad grades on my first exams, I immediately started shutting down. It took a couple weeks for me to talk myself out of my slump and to refocus my efforts with school. But once I stopped freaking out, and contacted my teachers, everything was fine. My grades were barely impacted and the world kept turning. I think it’s also good to try new things, whether that be sit in a new place in the library or join a club! Joining something will keep you more connected to the school and make you less likely to want to drop out when you are faced with challenges. Lastly, when choosing your major, choose what you want to do not what will make you the most money or what your parents want you to do because that will get you nowhere. You’ll either end up in a job that you hate or end up wasting 2-4 years in a major that you hate and changing it later on. If your dream job and the major you’re currently are not even in the same realm of each other, maybe it would be good for you to sit down and really think about what you want to do. Your parents aren’t the ones who are going to be pursuing your career, you are, so do what you love, not what they want you to love. It will make you happier in the long run and also it will make going to school easier because you’re actually doing something you’re interested in.