By Amy Leon

When faced with all the various food options available at State or any college for that matter, it’s hard trying to save your money. As the day goes on it’s only natural for us to get hungry and want to buy food from restaurants, fast food places, or even grabbing snacks from the market. I’ve caught myself in this hole multiple times where I’ve told myself I’m not going to spend but still do.

One of the main ways I’ve been able to prevent myself from spending is by always eating breakfast before leaving for school. Sometimes I’m not even that hungry in the morning but I know I will be later so I make sure I eat a good breakfast. Another way I’ve been able to save is by packing a lot of snacks in my bag. These snacks last me through the day till I get home and can then make myself something to eat. Some of these snacks include one of my favorite honey oats granola bars, goldfish, and fruit. Similarly, if you are having a really long day it’s important to make yourself a good lunch. I personally recommend eating filling foods like pasta that will help you to feel more satisfied throughout the day. 

These are some of the tips that have really helped me to save my money throughout the school year. It’s really easy to spend money on food because when you are hungry you live in the moment, but by doing the things I mentioned it can really change where you see your money going especially if you have goals you want to reach. I hope you can implement this into your life to avoid all the money spent monthly!