Submitted by Piolo T.

My advice to all incoming freshman is that don’t lose yourself and be you. It’s difficult to not lose yourself in college because everything changes, even as it stays the same. It may sound like I’m contradicting myself but losing yourself will only lead to very unhappy situations. I’m currently a freshman who has only spent one semester at SDSU, but by the time you are reading this – yes you, a freshman – I am already a second year. I’m still constantly changing but I’m holding on to myself so that I do not lose myself within all this change. I’ve experienced rather unfortunate events in my time as a freshman but I work hard not to only focus on the difficulties. I had a goal in my first year to find a place where I fit in with others at SDSU, so I joined multiple clubs and tried all kinds of stuff. I joined Andres Bonifacio Samahan, Asian Pacific Student Alliance, Cru, Intervarsity, Korean Student Alliance, Japanese Student Alliance, and other clubs that I found interesting. I thought I was happy since I belonged everywhere, but it gradually took a toll on me because I had over-committed. I spread myself to thin and realized that I was still surrounded by strangers because I didn’t have time to really know the people in a real way. I disliked the lack of depth, so I dropped some clubs one-by-one. Eventually, I did find a place where I feel emotionally connected with people who can relate to my life and interest which allowed me to express more. I’m with people who I can call my true friends because they’re always there for me no matter what. I advise you to seek new experience by joining organizations, but don’t lose yourself. If you ever see me on campus, don’t be afraid to walk up to me and say hi! I might not know who you are but I can guarantee you that after talking to me, you’ve gained a new friend.