By Amy Leon

Applying for scholarships at SDSU has just gotten that much easier. Open since March 1st the application portal “Aztec Scholarships” allows students the chance to apply for university scholarships through just one application.There are over 850 scholarships available at SDSU that can be applied to. Students are then matched to the scholarships that they are eligible for through this one application. Once the application is submitted students should receive an email confirmation receipt and if selected they will also get an email detailing the scholarship. Lastly, within a 14 calendar day time period a thank you letter must be sent. If not the scholarship can be rescinded and given to an alternative. Also, if essays, letters of recommendation, and or additional documents are needed then students will need to complete this second step as well. 

Aztecs, if you’re looking for scholarships to help you out financially Aztec Scholarships is definitely a great resource you can use to your advantage. All scholarships can really help to go towards your education while at SDSU. Make sure you sign up as soon as possible to be considered for the highest number of possible scholarships! Applications are already open and will be open till August 15, 2020 for awards in the upcoming academic school year. So students if you are interested now is the time to apply!!!