By Amy Leon

In order to take safety precautions to prevent the spread of coronavirus, classes have been moved online. In addition, public events on campus have been cancelled; some of which include Gradfest, Explore SDSU, and all sporting events. Students that live on campus will be able to continue living at SDSU unless they decide to go home earlier or they are told to do. If they do decide to go home they will be reimbursed for living expenses. Similarly if sporting event tickets will be fully refunded.

With that being said, it’s important for students to stay on top of all their assignments that will now be online. Speaking from personal experience with having an online class prior to the transition to virtual learning, I can say that it’s very important to constantly be checking Blackboard or whatever program professors may be using for a certain course on a daily basis. It’s crucial that students are aware of announcements, assignments, and exams that will be coming up. Furthermore, it’s also really important that students manage their time wisely with their classes. It’s easy to wait to the last minute with online assignments because students can get caught up with outside life, not being involved in school as much. It’s essential to prioritize what is important and to keep up with all of the course work that comes along with each class.

NOTE: Communications related to the effect of COVID-19 on the SDSU community are evolving rapidly and could change after the posting of this blog.