Submitted by Sarvenaz K.

The one essential piece of advice I have for incoming freshman commuter students entering San Diego State University in future years would be this: pay attention to yourself and yourself only. The first year can be tricky. There is temptation to stray out of your lane, away from the real reason you are here, and that is school. I am not saying that you cannot have fun, but I think one should limit themself, especially at the very beginning. Explore what the school has to offer, but do not get distracted to where you lose track of your priorities and more importantly, yourself. A year flies by, let alone a semester. Many teachers do not cut you any slack and it is hard enough to have to adjust to the college lifestyle, but now you have to deal with external responsibilities outside of school as well (like I previously mentioned). It is important to take time to yourself and think, “what do I want out of this whole college experience personally?” and once you find that, go after it. I say this because I have seen too many people start off their college years on the wrong foot and forgiveness as far as academics is very limited, you do not want to be that person who has to stress about simple things that could have been avoided in the beginning if you just put yourself on the right track.