By Rafael Robledo

Seeing as we are in lockdown mode and we need to stay in our homes during this time, it can get pretty boring with the more time that we now have. I will list down some of the activities that I do to stay active, entertained and motivated. With all of the extra time that we have we could use it to expand our hobbies more and have some time for ourselves.

One of the things that I do that is very important is exercise. Since I am in my house 24/7 now, I do some stretches and some indoor exercises to stay active. The only thing that I use is a yoga mat and a foam roller. I simply watch a video on youtube on a certain body muscle and do the exercise. For example, Tuesday’s is leg day for me, meaning that I will solely focus on legs, so on Tuesday’s I watch a video for indoor exercises with no weights and I replicate the workout. I do recommend trying out something like this since gyms are now closed and we don’t get to move around as much in our homes.

Another activity that I like to do is reading. Thus far, I have started reading book 2 of the Age of Fire series by E.E Knight. If you are into fantasy and dragons, this is one series that you can’t miss out on. Reading for me is a way to take a break from everything and  simply emerge myself into a different world/reality. If you didn’t have the time to read before, now is the time to set at least an hour of your day to reading a book. 

Another activity of mine is playing video games with my friends. I don’t advise to go to the extreme and play for more than 8 hours like I do, but it is fun to simply get on and play. A side note, this is why I also workout so that I’m not just sitting down all day. Video games do help out in managing my stress since it also takes my mindset off from school so its a nice rewarding break. 

One goal that I have is to start on learning Korean once again. Now is the time for sure to start learning something new since we have more time. I took 2 semesters of Korean before so I would like to start studying Korean but this time by myself. For you it could be a language that you have always found interesting. There are a bunch of applications for pc and phone to help in learning a new language. I recommend to go on Youtube and search for a video on which applications to use to learn a certain language. 

Even though we are socially distancing, it doesn’t mean that we can’t meet up with friends online. I highly encourage you to still have a nice chat with friends online since some of us including me are extroverts and we get a lot of our energy through being around other people. As such, I usually have some group chats with friends to simply hang out online.

These were some of the activities that I have done/started doing in order to make the most of staying at home. The playlist for this week are some lofi beats for when you want to have a chill and relaxing time. Have a great week and stay safe.