Submitted by Daniel D.

One major piece of advice I have for any of the incoming commuter students is learning how to manage your time. This was the biggest obstacle for me as I thought that my habit of procrastinating will stop now that I’m in college and doing work I actually want to do. However, changing old bad habits is harder than I thought and almost I procrastinated with nearly every assignment I had. Doing the assignments at the last minute is not worth the amount of stress and anxiety you have to deal with when you actually start doing the assignment. For me, this was the worst part of school, when I did an assignment, which should have required several hours over a few days, but I did them the day they were due with only an hour to spend on it. Of course the quality of my work did not represent what I am capable of, and I realized I do not like being embarrassed by the quality of my work. It’s almost guaranteed that doing your work at the last minute or even doing last minute studying the day before a test is going to grant your a lower grade. With all these in mind it’s worth doing your work and studying first and then doing whatever you want to do later when you have free time.