Submitted by Anonymous

One tip I would give to incoming freshman is to BE ORGANIZED!!! Throughout high school, you can often get by without a planner and be fine. In college you will not be as lucky. I learned this pretty soon into the semester. I didn’t buy one coming in because I thought I’d get by but I was wrong. I was left in the state of mental breakdown trying to figure out all the due dates for all my classes. I got really lucky and was able to get a free passion planner through this commuter class. That passion planner was my best friend. I wouldn’t have been able to get through my first semester without it. It gave me a sense of security. I wouldn’t need to stress about what was going on because all I had to do was look at my planner. For all the incoming freshmen out there, go get yourself a planner. If you want to stay sane, this is the best way to begin to learn how to manage your time. You will need new strategies because the workload is next level.

My tip to incoming freshman commuter students would be to be aware of all your resources on campus. Take a commuter class that intends to help you recognize all the campus has to offer. Knowing myself, I would not go to visit all the different buildings if I didn’t have to. As a commuter, it is very tempting to leave campus right after your classes are over. I suggest that you take time to venture out and explore the campus. The commuter class forces you to visit and attend workshops or events. I first saw this as a burden, but as soon as I started going through the list I was grateful that I took the class. I discovered so many different study areas and places to do your homework. I also recommend that incoming college students try to immediately work at the three qualities I mentioned earlier. Constantly striving to master these qualities will ensure success.