By Rafael Robledo

Spring semester is drawing to an end and Summer draws near. For some of us that means a nice prolonged break, for others it means that they want to stay ahead. For this week’s topic I will be discussing some of the options that you could take in order to make the upcoming semesters more manageable.  

I highly recommend speaking to an adviser beforehand in order to learn more specific resources pertaining to the classes that you might take. As a Compact Scholar, you have access to our academic adviser Justin Villaseñor and if you would like to make an appointment, here is the link. If you would like to see an academic adviser from the Office of Advising and Evaluations, you would log into zoom and click on “join meeting”. Afterwards you would type in the room code which is 293-6038446. If you would like to see more information here is the link

As you’ve seen in your webportal and emails, Summer registration has opened up in SDSU. That means that you can add classes and set up your schedule for this upcoming Summer semester. Due to Covid-19, the classes will be held online and each class has its own schedule. Our Summer schedule is divided into two sessions and classes could vary from simply being taken in either the first or second session to being held duri ng the duration of both sessions. Session one is the first six weeks of summer which are from May 26 – July 13. Session 2 is from July 7 – Aug 19. The session that lasts 12 weeks is from May 26 – Aug 19.  

Apart from summer classes in SDSU, you could also take the same classes if they are lower division classes in community college. Each school has their own schedules so I do recommend talking to an adviser and seeking more information about the college’s schedule and deadlines. A website to figure out which classes are SDSU equivalent is going to SDSU TAP (transfer admission planner). You would then click on the fourth option which is “ select and SDSU course and search for a transfer course equivalent”. Once there you would then click on the college that you plan on going to. Afterwards you would select a course from SDSU and it should show you the course equivalent in the college.

I hope that this information was helpful for you on deciding what to do for your summer. I wish you luck in the upcoming weeks. Have a great week and stay safe.