By Amy Leon

One of my favorite instagram accounts I follow is They are such an uplifting and encouraging account that personally helps to make me feel motivated about reaching the goals I have within my own life. There is a community of female entrepreneurs that come together to help one another to grow continually. The picture above is one that I think is really inspiring for anyone trying to reach their professional goals. These are all different phases within career progression that anyone can experience, and it’s really helpful to identify where you are at currently. Once you are aware of where you’re at, you can start to make changes within your own day to day life. Make that choice to take a professional risk that’ll pay off in the long run, to learn new skills, and whatever you may be struggling with. 

With that being said, I think it’s really important to find a community of people that you are able to relate with. One where you are able to help get encouragement and even give some to others as well! This community of people will help you to grow by surrounding yourself with like minded people who are also striving toward similar goals. You want to have people around you that will push you rather than hold you back from all the opportunities available to you.