By Amy Leon

Finals are coming up for many students including myself, I have 4 exams I need to take all cramped into a 3 day period. I can already feel the stress coming as I start to prepare for these exams I’m going to have to take. There are some important tips you can follow in order to reduce your stress and prepare yourself to the best of your ability.

In order to reduce your stress for your finals this week make sure you are prepared as much as possible! It’s very important to be studying in advance instead of cramming for your exams at the last minute. Use the resources available to help you study in advance, this can be going to an SI session or math tutoring center. Make sure you finish any homework you have to turn in before the exam. I’ve had several classes where the due date is the day of the exam. It’s important to finish the homework to not only reduce your stress but also to prepare yourself.